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What is a Card Counting Strategy in Online Casino?

Card counting is a card game strategy whereby you keep a running tally of high and low cards in order to make better playing decisions and earn more money. There are multiple strategies available for card counting.

Starting to Count Cards

A great way to start learning how to count cards is with our dedicated card counting simulator. By practicing on our simulator first, you’ll become more comfortable with the process as well as practicing without risking real money! Once comfortable with the process and the simulation, play 좋은느낌카지노 using it before trying it in real life!

Bet Size Control

A key part of counting cards online blackjack is managing your bet size appropriately. Excessively shifting it can raise red flags for casinos and lead them to ban or request you leave their table.

Bet size increases can be beneficial when timed strategically; just avoid making sudden shifts as this may make your count inaccurate and create unintended losses over the long term. Stick with what will give you maximum winnings over time.

Increase Accuracy

A more accurate count increases your odds of securing big winnings at the end of a game. To do this, convert your running count to a “true” count by dividing by the remaining deck count in your shoe and calculating how much betted each round according to this number.


Unlike traditional card-counting, back-counting differs in that it involves not playing every hand you encounter – an effective way of improving accuracy and reducing mistakes under pressure.

There is an array of counts available to suit the needs of every player, ranging from classic Hi-Lo strategy to advanced systems like Zen Count and Wong Halves.

Level-1 Counts

A level-1 count is the simplest system available; it never increases or decreases more than one card at any one time. These count systems tend to be more accurate and profitable for some players than multilevel counts.

However, they can slow the speed of play and can make calculating odds more complex; therefore some counters prefer playing simpler counts over more intricate ones.

KO Counting

The KO Counting system is similar to Hi-Lo counting but includes an insurance side bet which increases in value as you near your true count and should only be made when confident that the dealer’s cards will exceed a specific threshold.

As a beginner to casino card counting, it is wise to start off using simple systems such as Hi-Lo until you become more adept and confident of yourself and can beat dealers with ease. As soon as this has occurred, more advanced strategies like Omega II count should be considered when counting cards in casinos.

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